Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics

NOPA is a member of this unique international cross-industry collaborative project that brings together expertise from across the entire paper supply chain from the mill, through transport, storage, handling and printing. Optimised Paper Handling & Logistics is a generic best practice tool as a global reference for suppliers, transporters, converters and printers to improve their efficiency - whether sheetfed or web offset, gravure, flexo or digital. The book's cover price is 250 EUR, but you can get a FREE e-book download from

Earlier projects

  • Paper savings checklist
  • Energy consumption in heatset printing
  • Acceptance test for heatset presses (in cooperation with Bundesverband Druck und Medien)
  • Roller nip control

SOS for heatset printers

NOPA has launched a troubleshooting guide for heatset printers. The special features with the NOPA guide, which differs it from other guides, are:

  • The problems are described from the printer's view, i.e. as the printer sees them.
  • It will be available in the printer's local language; presently there are English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Estonian versions.
  • Only causes that can be solved by the printer are included.
  • The guide has been field tested by printers and will be updated every second year according to reactions and reports from our members.

First and foremost, it is condensed, easy to read and easy to use: Choose between Print quality problem or Runability problem - then search the flap which best describes the problem you face - read the hints what to look for - find the cause for the problem and fix it.