About NOPA

The association dates back to the 1970's, but was established a formal association in 1999 under the name The Nordic Association of Heatset Printers, NAHP. Members of NAHP were heatset printers in all Nordic countries, and later also the Baltic countries, plus their suppliers.

In 2011 the concept was broadened to all major offset printers, and the name was changed to The Nordic Offset Printing Association, NOPA. In 2023 the term "Offset" was dropped from the name, reflecting the growing use of digital printing technologies.

NOPA is an exclusive meeting and networking place for leading printers and their suppliers, who understand the value in being updated on trends in market, product development and technology, and in exchanging ideas and experiences with colleagues and competitors in order to manage their future development.

NOPA is a nonprofit organisation.

Printing members

Heatset and coldset printers, as well as major sheetfed offset and digital printers, can be elected as a member of NOPA.

Associated members

Supplier companies to printers that would like to become associated members can be so after a special consideration by NOPA. Associated members have the possibility to use an advertising spot at the website of NOPA: the company name, contact person and a link to the company web site.

Supporting members

Research institutes or industry associations that are active within printing participate as supporting members.